Teaching Artists

A.I.M.'s teaching artists are professional artists who teach and integrate their art form, perspectives, and skills into Menomonie's elementary schools. A.I.M.'s teaching artists work with teachers in schools and workshops.

A.I.M.'s teaching artists are part of a highly skilled community of arts integration experts. They are professional artists and skilled collaborators with experience in educational settings.

The C.I.T.A. program engages teaching artists in residencies with teachers in elementary schools.

AIM's teaching artists are professional artists who teach their art form, perspectives, and skills to teachers and pre-service teachers in schools, universities, and community organizations.


  • An accomplished artist in his/her field (Music, Theater, Dance, Visual arts, Media Arts, Circus Arts, Storytelling, and other arts-related fields)

  • Experienced in teaching practices that include planning, communicating, instructing, collaborating, and engaging young people in learning.

  • A collaborative instructor, proficient at engaging teachers and young people in learning in and through his/her art form.

videos of c.i.t.a.‘s "ARTS NIGHT”

River Heights Kindergarten students perform their original stories led by Teaching Artist, Kris Winter.

Teaching Artist Yata Peinovich and 4K students from the Little Sprouts Academy demonstrate music integration with math.

The Little Sprouts Academy 4K children taught by Ms. Rochelle Kroenig sing the Sight Words Song, accompanied by A.I.M. teaching artist, Babatunde Lea.

Kindergarten students of Wakanda Elementary use circus arts to learn about and perform the solar system. Teaching Artist Kobi Shaw.

Teaching Artist Erika Svanoe co-teaches with classroom teacher Ms.Kelm and student teacher Ms. Behnke, as the 2nd graders at River Heights integrate music composition with social studies and math.

Teaching Artist Beau Janke and Ms. Avery Weber's First Grade Class at River Heights Elementary School perform "The Big Song", "The Peace Corner", and "The Singing Tree Project".