Mela Wasilewski

Mela Wasilewski: Blog III

This experience has made me more confident about teaching.  Being alone in my internship has made this experience so memorable. I learned how to be a teacher and to make my classroom how I would want it to be. I am lucky this way. I made tweaks to where I thought needed some work and took advice when needed. It made me realize that teaching is hard but working to improve is always possible.

Mela Wasilewski: Blog II

From this experience I have grown as a teacher. I have done this so far by learning what level each student is at in their art making (also in general).  I’m earning more about classroom management and how to set up my classroom before class starts. As for learning how others learn I did notice a difference in younger students. Compared to the rest and it shows in their development and their motor skills. Some students are 8 years old and some are 6 years old.

Mela Wasilewski: Blog I

Mela Wasilewski: Blog I

I am looking forward to teaching this class because I'll be getting to teach children about art. The children I work with make art because they choose to come to my class. Some children are the same each time, some are not. I also look forward to teaching them that art helps show self-expression. With the projects, I want the class to see my take on the project and make their own. Meaning they should not copy mine. I want to see what they can do with their own minds.