Collaborative Arts

Sierra Thomfohrda: Blog I

What is your teaching experience so far?


I have had a variety of teaching experiences thus far. For classes I have taught a single lesson to kindergarteners for the ArtEd 108 class, completed 30 hours for a practicum in 208 where I taught a ceramics lesson to 5th graders, and completed 40 hours for a practicum in ArtEd 308 where I worked with k-12 grades and taught my edTPA lesson to third graders. I have also completed multiple PAINT internships. One working with Art at the Arc and Thursday Night Thrill Seekers teaching adults with disabilities. I taught a sculpture class for the Boys and Girls Club and am currently teaching Collaborative Art there. I have also done two semesters of teaching watercolor at the Dunn County Jail.



What are you looking forward to about the class you will be teaching?

I am looking forward to exploring the possibilities and limitations of the class and introducing the students to those possibilities of collaborative arts. I am also looking forward to getting the chance to work with and get to know all of the students and what their abilities are. I am eager to investigate the compatibility of natural elements and man made materials. I also look forward to learning how students work on larger scale projects.

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What do you hope to learn/gain from this experience?

Throughout this internship I want to improve my classroom management skills. Things such as knowing how to approach situations, how to talk to students who are struggling or misbehaving, and what is the appropriate and effective way to handle those situations. I also hope to gain the skills to be comfortable being flexible in my lesson plan, and allow students to make their own art, and how to handle when students ‘finish’ in five minutes. I also plan to work on building rapport with each student, and connecting with all the students.