Alissa Peterson: Blog I

What is your teaching experience so far?

So far, my teaching experience has just been more of observation in the classroom. This was my first week in the class, so I did not plan a lesson because I wanted to see how the classrooms were run before I brought something in. I have previously worked in the Why room (3-year-old) and I am excited to be back in the classroom.

What are you looking forward to about the class you will be teaching?

I am excited to bring art into their classroom more and plan some fun activities that will incorporate art. I am excited to be in these classrooms because it is the age group I would like to work with at some point, so it is great to get my feet into the water. I am also excited that I can bring music and movement into the classroom and not just visual art. I think both are very important.

What do you hope to learn/gain from this experience?

I hope to gain more knowledge about bringing art into the classroom and the difference between 3 and 4-year old’s when it comes to art. I am also interested in seeing their abilities and fine motor skills that are different between the two classrooms. It will be interesting to see the differences in just a one year span.