Marissa Pilney: Blog I

What is your teaching experience so far?


It seems that teaching has always been a part of my life. I babysat for many years, and I also tutored at a homeless shelter when I was in high school. During the summer of 2017, I was a paraeducator for a 2nd grade summer school class. From then on, I have had experience teaching toddlers and preschoolers through my classes at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.




What are you looking forward to about the class you will be teaching?

I am looking forward to getting to know all of the kids in my class. I feel that it is important to create relationships with the students so they feel comfortable coming to talk to you if they are experiencing any troubles. Along with that, I am also looking forward to creating wonderful art projects with the students, as I really love being creative myself.


What do you hope to learn/gain from this experience?

I hope that I can grow as a teacher from this experience. Every time I teach a new lesson, I learn new things. I am excited to learn and grow along with the children.