Hannah Denninger: Blog III

This experience has offered me a whole new look on the world of teaching. Before this I actually had not had that much experience being an authority figure in the classroom. I have observed a lot of teachers and watched a lot of classes, but actually being the one at the front of the classroom has made me appreciate the career of teaching even more. I have learned a lot about lesson planning through this experience as well. Planning my own lessons gave me a lot of real classroom experience that I think will help me as I continue on the path to becoming a teacher.


Overall I have a new understanding of how to handle older students. Before this opportunity I had no experience with children older than 5. So going into this I was a little nervous about how to handle the older age groups. I now can say that I have a good understanding of how to work with older children. I also have a better understanding of my role as the head teacher of a class. I have to do more than just present a lesson to them. Making personal connections with each of the students I think is an important thing that I learned from working with the Boys and Girls Club.

This experience made me more confident in myself as a teacher. The first few weeks I recall myself being anxious each time I showed up for class, and by the end of the semester I was excited to go in and see the kids and show them what I had planned for them that day. The whole experience made me happy. I made a lot of new relationships with the people at the Boys and Girls Club along with a lot of new connections with the students. Overall I really benefited from this experience, and it brought me a lot of joy to be apart of it.