Eva Peak: Blog III

I think over all I have grown so much being able to have this internship. Working with other interns and my supervisors has not only helped me with over all skills like creating lesson plans and classroom management, but all of the little things that go into them. Creating clear objectives, working on communication with students and other teachers, adaptability and so many little skills you need to understand to create a successful classroom atmosphere. Not only has it done that, but now I have a good understanding of my strengths and weaknesses. I believe this will give me a step up being able to reflect on these past months and hone in on what I can do better in the future.


A big thing I already knew was communication and learning about your students is important, but being able to see that first hand and experience a good understanding and relationship with these kids is something I will never forget. Educators are also mentors, guides, and most importantly, students as well. You learn everyday just like the children; About what works, what doesn’t, will this go over their head, is this too easy, etc.


I believe this whole experience has made me more confident. I know I still have aspects of my teaching I need to work on, but that is something I am grateful to know. Being able to learn and reflect, getting to know students, being creative and bringing art to classrooms made me truly happy during this semester of teaching. I had so much joy over all just being able to have this experience that not that many freshman have. I feel that experience is one of the best ways to learn and I have had so much fun learning and building my skill set.