Mela Wasilewski: Blog II

How have you grown as a teacher from this experience so far (skills, understanding, or knowledge gained) (lesson planning, classroom management, demonstrations, etc…)?


From this experience I have grown as a teacher. I have done this so far by learning what level each student is at in their art making (also in general).  I’m earning more about classroom management and how to set up my classroom before class starts. As for learning how others learn I did notice a difference in younger students. Compared to the rest and it shows in their development and their motor skills. Some students are 8 years old and some are 6 years old. Students that are younger (that I’ve noticed) tend to need more guidance in their art making (which is completely understandable and necessary). I have a student in particular who is not yet caught up with his motor skills. He still does his best, as well as when he asks for my help before I come help him. I go help him and give him good one on one when he doesn't ask as well.

When talking about classroom management I am currently taking a classroom management course. That class has taught me about what I can do in the classroom to keep students on task. With the internship I am able to put some of that into my classroom and see how it will work for those students. It helps me best because I am in a classroom where there isn't set rules for art. I choose what will work best for my students. I would consider this knowledge I have gained. I am learning classroom management in this internship. By being in the classroom I am learning by doing and that is important. It is one thing to learn how to in a class but when I actually find ways to try new ways of management and what will not work.

The final way I have grown as a teacher is how my students need to have their supplies in front of them. This happens before art production starts. It reduces the time it would be to have the students get all their supplies and get working. This also helps them see what I do since I have all their supplies. I can apply the “I do” “you do.” That has been working well for the classroom it makes art class run smoothly.  


What new understandings do you have about children/education/your role in the classroom?

New understanding, I have about my children is that they all will learn differently. Also it could continue as they grow. I understand that I can make accommodations for each student.  I hope that in school they will also get accommodations for them.

As for new understanding for my education I know I need to learn how to manage a classroom by doing, instead of being in class and hearing how to do it. This helps me with running a classroom because I will be able to take what I know and apply it. Also what will work for them both at the after-school program and works for them at school. I will be able to see and apply what I know what will help them.

My new understanding for my role in the classroom is that I still matter. Even though I am not teaching in a school the students that go to Jumpstart still act as if I was their teacher. It is reassuring to me because they are all willing to come to art class. It is their choice and they choose to treat me as a teacher.


What has made you happy about teaching this quarter?

What makes me the happiest about teaching this quarter is learning about my students. Learning their interests, how they learn and what they like to do in art. They choose to come to my class every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It doesn’t matter to me how many students come but they make the choice to do so. With teaching at Jumpstart I am all about the students being able to choose. Especially, in their projects because they choose to come to art. That is what makes me the happiest.


What is something that you would like to work on improving by the end of the semester?

By the end of the semester I would like to improve on attention grabbers. I haven’t used many because I want the students to make their own choices. I would like them to listen to me without talking when I am giving instructions. They should be able to treat me like how they treat their teachers at school.