Elizabeth Rosendahl: Blog II

How have you grown as a teacher from this experience so far (skills, understanding, or knowledge gained) (lesson planning, classroom management, demonstrations, etc…)?


So far, I have grown as a teacher in a variety of ways. I have learned that becoming confident in the classroom makes you appear more authoritative to the students and they will respect you more. This has promoted me to become more confident in my teaching style. I also discovered that students enjoy engaging activities such as moving around and using their senses to create art. I have now been incorporating more interactive activities in my lessons. I also believe that I have developed a sense of how to make activities flow during the teaching period.


What new understandings do you have about children/education/your role in the classroom?

Because of this internship, I have gained a lot of new understandings about my students and educational methods. I have gained inferences in regards to  planning ahead and thinking about what the children will be doing. I discovered that I need to give parents an idea of what we may do, especially if I plan on taking the students outdoors. I have also gained more skills in the area of disciplining the children. This is a very big development for me because I’ve never had to deal with disrespectful students before.


What has made you happy about teaching this quarter?

I’m really happy that I am able to create a permanent piece of artwork that can influence a large range of people. Being able to learn a new medium is so exciting. I also enjoy the fact that I am able to actively make art that’s at my skill level while also working with young children. I am also happy to be learning new skills that can help me improve my teaching in the future.


What is something that you would like to work on improving by the end of the semester?

There are several things I would like to improve upon by the end of the semester, but the main thing I would like to become better at is fleshing out a lesson plan. I want to work on making the daily activity take longer and/or be more lengthy so it lasts the whole class period. I tend to rush through the plans because of false perceptions of student’s boredom. I need to be more confident in my teaching abilities and hopefully this is something I will be better at by the end of the semester.