Amy Eidahl: Blog I

What is your teaching experience so far?

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business and obtained a 3-Year Substitute Teaching Permit from the Department of Public Instruction in June 2017. I am currently a substitute teacher for the Eau Claire School District, Menomonie Area School District and School District of Altoona. I am available to sub Monday, Wednesday and Friday this semester as it works with my college class schedule.


What are you looking forward to about the class you will be teaching?

I am looking forward to putting smiles on my student’s faces when they come into my class. I look forward to having the students get excited about learning and art at the same time. I am also looking forward to the students showing me what they enjoy and don’t; as well as what works and what doesn’t.


What do you hope to learn/gain from this experience?

I want students to know that they will not only be getting an art lesson, but we will also have a group discussion/lesson each day about a different topic. I hope to get a better grasp on classroom management and time management during my experience this semester.