Alyssa Boyer: Blog II

How have you grown as a teacher from this experience so far (skills, understanding, or knowledge gained) (lesson planning, classroom management, demonstrations, etc…)?


I have become more comfortable with finding teachable moments in casual settings like play time. I have learned the importance of preparation as a teacher. When your lessons are not fully prepared there will be a lot of struggling throughout the day.


What new understandings do you have about children/education/your role in the classroom?

I have a new understanding on just how difficult classroom management is. Sometimes I will be sitting on the floor playing with one child and across the room there will be another child ripping posters off the wall and I won’t even notice it. I have learned how challenging it is to have your eyes on all of the children at one time.


What has made you happy about teaching this quarter?

What makes me happy about teaching this past quarter is the fact that I can band with the children I work with and watch them learn. When a child learns a new concept or task you can see the ‘aha’ moment they have and be a part of it. I love being able to get experience and work with real teachers and get advice on what I can improve on.


What is something that you would like to work on improving by the end of the semester?

The experience in the infant toddler lab has made me look over my development as a teacher and really has made me look at what I need to do to become a better teacher. Before my time at the toddler lab is over I would like to be able to improve on my abilities to solve conflicts between children. Whenever a conflict arises between children I let the lead or assistant teacher take over it because they know the protocol and how to handle the situation whether it is a problem with sharing or hitting. I now have been there long enough to know how to handle these situations, but don’t because I might not be confident enough to do it. For the rest of my placement I want to work at handling situations between children