Makaya Ruhe: Blog I

What is your teaching experience so far?
My teaching experience for this class has been very wonderful so far. We’ve only had a
total of four children show up but hopefully the numbers will increase as the weeks go on. Only
having four students has it’s benefits and it’s downfalls. One of the benefits is really getting to
know their backgrounds as well as getting to focus/help them individually. I think maybe they
feel crowded at some points because there are three teachers and only four children so we're
always watching and making sure they don’t have any questions. Last week we taught by
ourselves (Eva, Margaret and I). We did four projects which were name tags, handprints,
self-portraits and we made an “About Me” booklet. This week we had a featured artist, Julie,
who did a great job showing the kids how to paint with watercolors and draw barn owls. It was
fun watching the different techniques each child had and how each student had a different way
to represent their idea of an owl.

What are you looking forward to about the class you will be teaching?
Right now we are learning about Viktor Lowenfeld and his Five Stages of Artistic
Development in my ART-108 class. I think it will be interesting to learn and watch children in
action demonstrating those stages. We are working with K-5 so most likely the children will be in
preschematic stage and schematic stage. This is also the first class I’ve ever taught, so I’m
super excited to do something I’m passionate about and getting to dip my toes into the water
that is teaching.

What do you hope to learn/gain from this experience?
I hope to gain a better understanding of how students interact with art at such a young
age. My ideal age to teach is high school after I graduate from Stout but this internship gives me
a sense of where children’s art habits and their creativity comes from. I’m super excited for the
rest of the semester to watch the students grow as well as their artistic skills.