Crysta Bedard: Blog I

What is your teaching experience so far?

So far all I’ve really done is ECE when that was my major, but I did volunteer for Children’s Art Club last year.


What are you looking forward to about the class you will be teaching?

I’m looking forward to learning how people of different backgrounds learn differently as well as how I react to teaching people of different skill levels. I’m looking forward to learning the obstacles that come with teaching as well as learning how to get past them. I like meeting new people so I’m also looking forward to meeting my students as well as my team members. I’m just looking forward to this whole experience. I’m very excited to be a part of this.


What do you hope to learn/gain from this experience?

I hope to learn how to teach the student and not just to teach the lesson. I hope to get to know my students so I am better able to help them learn and grow. I’m hoping my skills and teaching abilities will grow as well as I face and overcome new challenges. I am also hoping to make some connections that will benefit me in the future once I graduate.