P.A.I.N.T Community Partner Application


Arts Integration Menomonie (A.I.M.) partners with local organizations as part of its P.A.I.N.T. (Program for Arts Integration for New Teachers) program. UW-Stout pre-service teachers participate in “internships” over the course of a semester where they have opportunities to practice teaching in an arts-based class at and for the organization.  The community organization gets free arts classes for its participants taught by skilled university students.  

The P.A.I.n.T program

P.A.I.N.T. (Program for Arts Integration for New Teachers) is a collaborative partnership between the University of Wisconsin-Stout and community organizations and businesses. UW-Stout students gain authentic teaching opportunities through semester-long internships; and community organizations get free art classes for its participants.  By providing university students with hands-on arts teaching practice, A.I.M. believes that it can:

  • Increase the competence, confidence, and well-being of pre-service teachers (university students studying to become teachers).

  • Retain early-career teachers beyond the first five years of their teaching career.

A.I.M. welcomes          

  • Community organization partners that can provide authentic teaching experiences to pre-service teachers.

  • Community organizations that can recruit participants for arts-based classes.

  • The development of new ideas for arts-related teaching experiences by college students.

  • Collaboration among pre-service teachers and organization staff members to support class participants.

  • A collaborative relationship among the Menomonie community and UW-Stout.


  • Arts integration experiences have been linked to academic achievement and overall personal well-being.

  • Students in arts environments experience skill development, self-expression, creativity, imagination, problem solving, self-confidence, and motivation- skills and habits of mind that will be needed in future careers and in life, in general.

  • Pre-service teachers and career teachers who use arts integration in their instructional methods experience added competence and confidence in their teaching abilities.

  • Pre-service teachers who have access to more opportunities to practice teaching; to observe others teaching; to reflect on their experiences; and to receive feedback on their teaching have a smoother induction to the teaching profession.

  • Teachers who feel confident and happy, work collaboratively, and have wellness supports are more likely to stay in the teaching profession.


Arts Integration is:

"An approach to teaching in which students construct and demonstrate understanding through an art form. Students engage in a creative process, which connects an art form and another subject area and meets evolving objectives in both."
 -Defining Arts Integration by Lynne B. Silverstein and Sean Layne, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

A P.A.I.N.T Intern is:

  • An undergraduate student pursuing a teaching degree (also called a pre-service teacher) from UW-Stout in Early Childhood Education or Art Education.


Expectations of the P.A.I.N.T. community organization include:

  • Hosting 1-2 pre-service teachers from UW-Stout’s School of Education.

  • Working with A.I.M’s Coordinator to plan 40-hour internships to offer arts programs for the organization.

  • Monitoring the planning and teaching of the arts internship.


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