Program for arts integration for new teachers (p.a.i.n.t.)


P.A.I.N.T. - Program for Arts Integration for New Teachers is a collaborative partnership between the University of Wisconsin-Stout and community and school programs in which pre-service teachers have opportunities for paid internships to practice teaching in a creative capacity.


Provide authentic arts teaching experiences to pre-service teachers at UW-Stout to increase their competence, confidence, and happiness in teaching so that they will stay in their teaching program and beyond their first five years in the profession.


  • Gain hands-on teaching opportunities early and throughout college career.

  • Gain early and added experiences in classroom settings with children.

  • Collaborate with other pre-service/career teachers to plan lessons and share teaching responsibilities.

  • Learn new and innovative teaching practices.

  • Reflect on growth as an emerging teacher.


BENEFITS of p.a.i.n.t. for the university student

  • University students who are pre-service teachers (studying to become teachers) earn money through career-related internships.

  • Strengthened preparation of pre-service teachers as they plan and instruct arts-based lessons, thus making them more competent and confident in their teaching abilities.

  • Increased comfort and confidence in teaching through diverse teaching experiences.

  • Pre-service teachers who have access to many opportunities to practice teaching, to observe others teaching, to reflect on their experiences, and to receive feedback on their teaching will have a smoother induction to the teaching profession.

  • Pre-service teachers build collaborative relationships and lasting support networks among pre-service teacher peers, and potentially career teachers and administrators as well.

  • Builds collaborative relationships and lasting support networks among pre-service teachers.

  • Pre-service teachers feel supported and valued as professionals
    by applying for and earning paid internships.

  • Pre-service teachers who feel capable and confident in their teaching abilities are more likely to enjoy teaching, to stay in their education program at the university, and to succeed in their plan to become teachers.


Marko Pechnik, Art Education

P.A.I.N.T. internships have allowed me to go out into the field and experience what it is like to move out of the comfort of the classroom and teach students in schools or provide lessons for students through special programs, such as the P.A.I.N.T. international program. Being a P.A.I.N.T. intern allows me to see my strengths and weaknesses through these hands-on experiences. When I am better able to understand my difficulties in teaching I can narrow my focus in specific subject I am learning in school. Overall, this experience has brought nothing but positivity in my life. I feel proud of myself for being able to take over a classroom of 15-20 children, and I am excited to be able to showcase the beautiful creations my students make on our blog. It has only made me more confident in my ability to become a better educator.
                                 - Marko Pechnik, Art Education  

Sami Cromer, Early Childhood Education

I absolutely loved being a PAINT intern! It was the first time a majority of us (the interns) get a chance to lead a class in art lessons. We have the ability to decide what we are going to do each day and the experience helped a lot with developing classroom management skills as well. After being a PAINT intern, I am very confident in my decision to become a teacher! It is a very reassuring feeling, almost like the semester of being a PAINT intern was a little sneak peak into what our future looks like. I was so grateful that this opportunity was offered to ECE students, like myself, and not just Art Education students. It gave me the opportunity to explore a variety of art projects that I could possibly do in my future classrooms because I think it is so important to incorporate the arts in the early childhood classrooms. I loved bringing new projects to the class everyday and seeing how simple it is to connect a history or language concept to the project. I had a wonderful experience and hope to be an intern again next year!
                         - Samantha Cromer, Early Childhood Education

As an art education major, and a lover of teaching, I am constantly searching for opportunities to gain experience in my field. In the fall of 2015, the P.A.I.N.T. program provided me with a remarkable opportunity by hiring me and another art education student to co-teach an art class for the Boys and Girls Club of Menomonie. I cannot even describe the full extent to which this internship impacted me and my capacity to teach children. The class was run entirely by my partner and I, with a supervisor from the club to assist us if necessary. We were able to arrange our own projects for the class, which was very exciting for the two of us—it was just like writing our own curriculum. The students were fantastic to work with. They would scurry into the room every day, eager to hear what our next project was. The passion that children have for making art is what inspired me to become an art teacher in the first place, and this class has reaffirmed that. The internship was an incredible learning experience as well. As with any class, there were a few children that were rowdy and occasionally misbehaved. It was helpful to have a supervisor, but my partner and I tried as much as possible to manage the classroom by ourselves. It was certainly challenging, but it is something we must practice because one day we will have to maintain our own classrooms. In addition to classroom management, my experience with the P.A.I.N.T. internship also provided me with practice in lesson planning, instruction, and working in a professional setting. Teaching this class has made me significantly more confident in my teaching abilities. Every time I have the opportunity to teach children, I become more and more enthusiastic about my future as an art teacher."          

Sarah Bennett, Art Education

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