Star-studded: Wakanda Elementary students create mosaics in partnership with UW-Stout (w/video)


MENOMONIE — Wakanda Elementary School 3rd-grader Skylar McLeod placed a glass tile on one of the white pillars in the school cafeteria.

The pillar is one of four decorated Thursday by all the elementary students and many staff members, and will depict each season.

The season-specific mosaics are part of an art project through Arts Integration Menomonie, and will be a permanent part of the school.

“I’m hoping they’ll like it,” McLeod said, when asked what she hopes future students will think of the tiles. “I’m hoping they will think our hard work was a good thing we did.”

Fellow student Zuma Hazwood said she enjoyed attaching tiles to the pillars.

“It reminds me of the summer and the seasons,” she said. “It’s fun.”

The tile project started in September and is expected to continue until late January, said Jeanne Styczinski, who designed the mosaics and serves on on the Arts Integration Menomonie executive board.

Two UW-Stout students, Marko Pechink and Olivia Revolinski, are teaching the elementary students how to tile as part of AIM’s Program for Arts Integration for New Teachers.