New P.A.I.N.T. Interns Announced

MARCH 10TH 2017

UW-Stout’s spring 2017 PAINT (Program for Arts Integration for New Teachers) interns have been announced.  A total of 17 interns have been selected, including 12 interns new to the program and 5 returning interns.  All interns are current UW Stout Art Education or Early Childhood Education students.  New classes to the program will include fiber arts and “Makin’ Music.”  As part of the PAINT program, interns receive a paid stipend of $500 for 40 hours of teaching at an AIM community partner site.


Spring 2017 PAINT Internships

Boys and Girls Club
Class:          Fiber Arts                    
Teachers:    Megan Sykora (Art Education)

Class:          Art Around the World
Teachers:    Rachel McKay (Art Education)
                   Mariyah Miller (Early Childhood Education)

Rocky’s K-2

Class:          Makin’ Music!    
Teachers:    Abigail Ceaglske (Early Childhood Education)
                    Brianna Mora (Early Childhood Education)

Dunn County Jail

Class:          Painting                    
Teachers:    Coral Calhoon (Art Education)    
                    Sierra Thomforhda (Art Education)

Jumpstart After School Program, MenomonieParks and Recreation

Class:          Arts and Crafts                
Teachers:    Elizabeth Rosendahl (Art Education)
                    Sidney Dombrowski  (Art Education)

Thursday Thrill Seekers, MenomonieParks and Recreation    

Class:          Arts and Crafts                
Teachers:    Nicole Seidler (Art Education)
                    Hannah Saphner (Art Education)
                    Karryn Boche (Art Education)

PAINT International at the Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts

Class:          K-5 Visual Arts - local and international students (via Skype technology)
Teachers:    Marko Pechnik (Art Education)
                    Anna Koehne (Art Education)
                    Lindsey Jones (Art Education)