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Are you an elementary teacher with 5 or less years of professional teaching experience?  

Invite teaching artist, Kris Winter, into your classroom to tell one of her original stories to your students!  Teaching Artist, Kris Winter, will perform her art form to you and your students, modeling simple techniques for bringing a story to life! 

No planning or meetings in advance! Just sign up below, and indicate a day/time for Kris Winter to come into your classroom with students and tell one of her original and amazing stories! 

we a.i.m. to inspire

We hope to inspire SDMA early career elementary teachers to get involved with Arts Integration Menomonie (A.I.M.)!  Let Kris Winter inspire you to explore our C.I.T.A. (Co-teaching In and Through the Arts) program by offering a glimpse of what a mini-residency is like.  

Early career teachers who try out a "Fast $100" will earn a $100 stipend simply by observing Kris Winter perform the art of storytelling with students.  Let Kris Winter come and inspire YOU!


Contact CITA Coordinator, Kris Winter, to discuss the "Fast $100" and/or address any questions you may have:

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