Arts Night 2016

River Heights First Grade Arts Night

Teaching Artist Beau Janke worked with Ms. Avery Weber's First Grade Class at River Heights Elementary School. Featuring "The Big Song", "The Peace Corner", and "The Singing Tree Project".


Moon Phases - 2nd Grade River Heights

Ms. Kelm and Ms. Gunderson's 2nd Grade Classrooms at River Heights Elementary show their knowledge of the phases of the moon. Using the arts of music and contortion, they embody the moon in its life around the Earth.


"Spectacular Space Spectacle", River Heights Elementary

Ms. Kelly Gunderson's 2nd Grade Class performs circus arts to illustrate the interaction of the Sun, Earth and Moon. They also use the idea of a clown car to highlight the phases of the Moon.


Comical and Crazy Clown Gags

Members of the River Heights Second Grade class of Ms. Rachel Kelm present circus skills for AIM's Arts Night.


Circus Alphabet, River Heights Kindergarten

Ms. Gorecki's, Ms. Staatz', and Ms. Bossany's River Heights Kindergarten Classes perform their Circus Alphabet.