C.I.T.A. Arts Night (2015)

Three Arts Nights, featuring performances by teachers, teaching artists, and students showcased Arts Integration Menomonie’s inaugural year of its c.i.t.a. (Co-Teaching In and Through the Arts) program.


Presenting the Solar System
Students of Wakanda Elementary Kindergarten Class present the Solar System, using circus arts to enhance their curriculum. Teaching Artist Kobi Shaw.

Fractured Fairytales
The 3rd Grade students of Oaklawn Elementary present their slightly skewed takes on traditional fairytales. Teaching Artist Melissa Kneeland taught principles of drama, performance and creative writing to the 3rd grade students.

Life Cycle of a Plant
Mrs. King's Kindergarten Class of Wakanda Elementary School demonstrates what they have learned about plant life. Teaching Artist Kobi Shaw.

The Gingerbread Man at the North Pole
Mrs. Begley's Kindergarten class at Wakanda Elementary in Menomonie, Wisconsin performs "The Gingerbread Man at the North Pole" for A.I.M.'s Arts Night at the Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts. Teaching Artist Kobi Shaw.

Composing Music and Storytelling

The River Heights second graders showcase arts-integrated lessons as part of the Menomonie school district’s 2nd grade curriculum with A.I.M.'s music composing teaching artist, Erika Svanoe.

Caps for Sale
Arts Night showcased examples of arts-integrated lessons as part of the Menomonie school district’s curriculum. Here is “Caps for Sale”, retold by River Heights Kindergarten Team with storytelling Teaching Artist, Kris Winter.

The “Sight Words” Song

The Little Sprouts Academy of Menomonie, Wisconsin sings the Sight Words Song, accompanied by A.I.M.’s Percussionist Teaching Artist, Babatunde Lea.

“I Like the Beat of Numbers that Repeat”
Teaching Artist Yata Peinovich and students from the Little Sprouts Academy performed their music-integrated curriculum at Arts Night.