Arts Integration Menomonie (A.I.M.) is seeking interested pre-service teacher participants from UW-Stout's Art Education and Early Childhood Education programs for its C.I.T.A. (Co-teaching In and Through the Arts) mini residency program. 

For UW-Stout's pre-service teachers (student teachers), the C.I.T.A. “Co-teaching In and Through the Arts” program focuses on arts integration through collaborative teaching in order to:

  • Offer a deeper practicum experience for pre-service teachers,
  • Support the development and well-being of the pre-service teacher
  • Increase the capacity of pre-service teachers to reach their students, and
  • Retain early career teachers in the teaching profession

C.I.T.A. engages UW-Stout pre-service teachers with Cooperating Teachers from the School District of the Menomonie Area (SDMA) in using arts integration and collaborative teaching (co-teaching) practices as part of an arts-integrated unit of study.  The Pre-Service Teacher (university student) and Cooperating Teacher work together to teach parts of their curriculum through an art form by collaborating with a professional artist in the classroom.

The C.I.T.A. program is such a ground breaking new program through UW- Stout. I feel honored to be part of this program with other student teachers, Menomonie teachers and teaching artists. I feel like more people should get involved!  By incorporating the arts into daily teaching, it reaches more children that may have not understood the content through conventional teaching methods. This program helps to re-energize teachers and bring the passion back into teaching!     
Danielle Fuerstenberg, ECE Student Teacher



      • Provide documented feedback and reflection
      • Teach collaboratively with the Cooperating Teaching and Teaching Artist to practice arts integration for approximately 5-10 hours of Teaching Artist collaboration.


      • Collaborative arts teaching and learning opportunities for UW-Stout pre-service teachers, SDMA teachers, community teaching artists, and elementary students.
      • Learning arts integration and gaining additional hands-on experiences in teaching as a means of professional development.
      • Innovative practices of collaborative teaching and networking among pre-service teachers, career teachers, and community artists.
      • A partnership among the university, school district, and community through which there are shared goals to support and honor teachers.


      Arts Integration is:

      An approach to teaching in which students construct and demonstrate understanding through an art form. Students engage in a creative process, which connects an art form and another subject area and meets evolving objectives in both. -Defining Arts Integration by Lynne B. Silverstein and Sean Layne, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

      A Teaching Artist is:

      An accomplished artist in his/her field. Experienced in teaching practices that include planning, communicating, instructing, collaborating, and engaging young people in learning.

      Co-Teaching is:

      Two or more teachers (in C.I.T.A., these teachers include the classroom teacher(s), pre-service teacher, and teaching artist) working together with groups of students; sharing the planning and instruction, as well as the physical space (Bacharach, Heck & Dank, 2004).